SOLYX® and SimGlas®.

The need for quality decorative glass enhancement privacy films has and is becoming more and more popular and Decorative Films, LLC is able to supply the broadest range of decorative films available today at the most competitive prices under our own registered Trademarks, SOLYX® and SimGlas®.

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Frosted Window Film
These films are designed with a variety of transparencies and light transmissions providing different degrees of privacy.
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stripes, squares and a variety of patterns.
Films that provide semi obscurity with elegant design.
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Static Cling
Diffuses glare and softens harsh sun. Adhesive-free static cling window film removes easily and cleanly.
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Stained Glass Films
Now you can acheive that stained glass look at the fraction of the price of stained glass without compromising quality!
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Graphic Film
Optically clear adhesive films, permanent, pressure sensitive and protected by a clear release liner.
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Fasara Glass Finishes
These decorative finishes can be used to control light and privacy while enhancing interiors aesthetics.
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Sim Glass
These films are designed to simulate a glass-like appearance combined with frosted elements in the design.
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Elegant Textured
films are embossed, textured films with designs. These films allow plenty of light to filter through while providing privacy.
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Protection Films
We have an array of Ultra Violet, Heat rejection and Safety Security window films suited for your window protection needs!
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Specialty Films
Rear Projection, Removable Construction, One Way Perforated, light blocking Films and much more!